Consultancy and assistance to investors with project realization – investments from idea to operation permit:

  • Engineering consultancy
  • Project engineering
  • Procurement procedure preparation and implementation
  • Land acquisition
  • Consent and permit obtainment

Along with our partners, our experts with interdisciplinary knowledge boast a wealth of experience in providing comprehensive engineering services. The extent of services provided depends on the extensiveness and phase of the project; it may comprise all the below stated activities, which need to be undertaken on the demanding path from the order to the successful completion of the investment project:

  • Investment project identification
  • Spatial plan preparation and supplementation
  • Urban document preparation and supplementation
  • All preparatory works – surveying, geomechanics, traffic studies etc.
  • Entire project documentation preparation
  • Eire safety study compilation
  • Coordination for occupational safety in the design phase
  • Project documentation audit and review
  • Management of administrative procedures for building permit acquisition
  • Contractor selection activities
  • Contract preparation
  • Contract evaluation
  • Professional supervision
  • Coordination for occupational safety

Along with our business partners, Krasinvest L.t.d. Sežana also prepares the following documentation:

  • pre-investment study compilation
  • Investment project identification document preparation
  • Cost-benefit analysis performance
  • Investment programme preparation
  • Development programme preparation

The company is registered as a design company with the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers under number 1670. Along with our business partners, Krasinvest Sežana L.t.d. prepares all sorts of project documentation:

  • Concepts
  • Design documents
  • Building permit acquisition projects
  • Execution projects
  • Realization projects

… for projects from the fields of:

  • Infrastructure development
    (roads and other public traffic surfaces, water supply systems, sewage systems and wastewater treatment systems, waste management facilities etc.)
  • Building construction
    (residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings etc.)
  • Land improvement
    (landscaping and functional land improvement around buildings, sports areas etc.)

Along with our business partners, we prepare the following for our projects:

  • architectural plans
  • landscaping plans
  • building construction and other construction plans
  • electrical wiring, appliance and equipment diagrams
  • mechanical installation, appliance and equipment diagrams
  • telecommunication plans
  • landscaping plans
  • site clearing plans

Along with our business partners, we also compile studies required by law or special regulations, all within the context of project documentation:

  • environmental impact assessment
  • operational health and safety study
  • fire safety studies and schemes
  • traffic studies
  • construction waste management plan
  • conservation plans
  • building physics study
  • alternative energy system feasibility study

Professional supervision of construction and installation works

Supervision of construction and installation works with all building types is an important segment of the Krasinvest L.t.d. Sežana company’s complex engineering services.

Supervision as defined in the Construction Act (execution and material quality control, control of compliance with project documentation, time schedule and budget, participation in technical inspection and final handover) is but one of the services, which our team of supervisors successfully provides.

We also provide supervision in accordance with the FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) rules.

Professional supervision comprises the following activities:

  • Building set out organization
  • Introduction of contractor into work
  • Execution quality control
  • Material quality control
  • Time schedule and budget control
  • Explanation of documentation to contractor
  • Accounting situation and account processing
  • Participation in obtaining control measurements and organizing inspections by authorised institutions prior to technical inspection
  • Inspection and assessment of required documents and certificates for products and materials installed
  • Organization of survey plan compilation
  • Organization of and participation in final settlement with contractors
  • Organization of handover and transactional documentation between contractor and investor

Company Krasinvest L.t.d. Sežana obtained a permit for practicing surveying in the entire Slovenian area from the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia (No. 209 – 26/03/2006).

Utilizing modern equipment, computer data processing and quality personnel, we wish to provide the quickest and optimum solutions to private individuals as well as legal persons.

We offer the following surveying services:

  • Boundary delineation
  • Subdivision
  • Survey plan
  • Building set out
  • Building floor area designation
  • Mapping of public infrastructure objects (Cadastre of Public Infrastructure)
  • Engineering surveying
  • Longitudinal object measurements

Real estate valuation services were transferred to the company Krasinvest nepremičnine d.o.o.

The implementation of any kind of investment requires sufficient financial resources. The Investment Project Identification Document contains the information necessary to determine the investment intent and objectives. It forms the basis for making decisions on further investment documentation or continued investment activities.

The legal basis for the preparation of the document in Slovenia is the Decree on the Uniform Methodology for the Preparation and Treatment of Investment Documentation in the Field of Public Finance. With its engineering and economic sections, the Investment Programme is the technical basis for investment decisions. It addresses the optimal investment variant. The minimal basis for its preparation must be the preliminary design or other design solutions prepared in accordance with the construction act.

Our services include preparation of the following documents:

  • Identification of investment project
  • Pre-investment design
  • Investment program
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • and other.

We prepare all the required projects and documentation in accordance to General Conditions of Tendering, Government Regulation, following the Instructions of the European Commission. Feel free to contact us if you are planning to start a future project.